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Good Dad

I can so relate to this video, lol. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, no rest day, no vacation only when you get sick which is not good. I hate being sick because chores will just filed up and who would take care of the family, the food, the kids’ “baon” (snacks) to school and the laundry, oh my gosh.. the list is getting longer and longer. 🙁

I’m glad hubby is here to the rescue even if he could just do half of the things I did, hehehe that would be a great help, every little things count, you know and by the way he is a good cook too. 🙂

Thank you Unilab for this inspiring video…

Why Ceelin Plus?

Ceelin Plus

I’ve been trusting Ceelin Vitamin and now Ceelin Plus for the longest time I can remember for my kids and they have been working well for me, specially since as toddlers they once had primary complex that really turned my world upside-down given that we were living on meager wages.

Since week 1 of giving my children these vitamins, there were less of sniffles for my kids  And that they continue to have healthier skin, eyes, and hair; albeit they look too thin for their age. But I am not worried because their weight is within normal and that they have high metabolism which I look at as one of the factors as to why they might be thin.

As a mother, I recommend Ceelin Plus to other mothers just because it does the job its been specified for plus more. My kids aren’t suffering from flu as often as I would hate and are limited to thrice, maybe four times a year due to unpredictable weather conditions.

Ceelin Plus samples

By the way, Ceelin Plus is manufactured by Unilab –  the biggest pharmaceutical company in the Philippines, and I’m very happy when Unilab sent me this pack full of Ceelin Plus vitamin samples, just in time that my kids’ Ceelin Plus is almost empty.

To know more information about all their products please visit their FB page at https://www.facebook.com/Unilab.

MyLac XL Prep

It was a sunny Monday morning, the weather is good with no rain in sight whose been bringing havoc for the last few days. And what’s so nice about this Monday morning is when I received my token from Unilab, Inc. Two boxes of Mylac XL Prep Milk, courtesy of Mom Center where I am a member was delivered right at our home. Mylac milk powder is for pre-school children ages 4-6 years old. Though my little schooler is now 7 years old, he was very excited when saw the box of milk and was already asking when he can drink it. Thanks Unilab and Mom Center! 🙂