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The most wonderful woman in our life


This is my mother and we call her Nanay (mother), she’s going to be 83 this August, though she’s not as strong as before (cannot walk longer than 5 minutes because of arthritis, feeling pain on her knee). She’s still the same nanay, a disciplinarian to grandkids but very sweet at the same time though sometimes a little bit cranky, lol. Our inspiration who never gets tired of guiding us and gives advice whenever we needed one.

Mama dear

To our Nanay, a happy happy Mother’s day, although everyday is a mother’s day because of the love you always showered us. You keep the bond of our family very tight even if some of the members are residing thousand miles away, your love keep us close together. I’m just hoping that we can have a family get-together where everyone is present and have a party with lots of music, with instruments bought from http://www.musiciansfriend.com/clarinets/new.