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D-I-Y Guitar School Project (Recycle, Reuse, Create)


diy guitar

Our boy had this project from school, his homework is to make a do-it-yourself musical instrument. The school is teaching the kids to create something using recyclable materials.  They formed a small music group in their class and he was assigned to be the guitar player, all their instruments are from recycled materials, best way to teach the kids the importance of recycling.

guitar project

With the help of hubby, they made this DIY guitar using ice cream tub, surplus wood from the home construction before and excess strings from his fishing gears. Just a bit of tuning here and there, and voila! he has a guitar, hubby was thinking of a 12 string bass, but can’t figure out how, lol.  #Recycle #Reuse #Create

And now even if their project is already finished, he kept his guitar and practiced playing during his free time. I removed the laptop from his room and his cellphone during weekends, that’s why he has more ‘bored time’ (lol) after doing house chores and playing outside, he also do some drawings, things he never did due to being so preoccupied with gadgets. Best idea to squeeze out his creativity, I hope. 🙂

Facing a brand new year with clutter-free home

clutter-free home

The holiday is over and a brand new year to face. There’s a saying “ Out with the old, in with the new, may you be happy the whole year through.

For me, it’s getting rid of old stuff that are not anymore in use and just laying in the corner for sometime, clearing out things to give space to new ones that I might want to add. Having an organized home is my idea of an ideal home, clutter-free and spacious, I also recycle those that are still reusable. So this first month of the year is a very busy day for me. Cleaning and reorganizing things here and there, very tiring but feeling accomplished when I saw the house in order, no chaotic atmosphere – just a relax surroundings. Doing chores like these is exhausting but I engross myself by listening to music mostly old songs (maybe played with all Schecter musical instruments) from yesteryear as I find them more relaxing than the modern ones only because it brings back good old memories when life isn’t complicated or stressful then when I was young, lol.. Anyways, for me I may not have a big house but I always make it a point to be clean, organized, green with plants and comfortable to live in.

How about you, wanna share some ideas too?

photo credit: http://utegirl70.blogspot.com/2014/12/small-home-interior-design-ideas.html