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Good Dad

I can so relate to this video, lol. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, no rest day, no vacation only when you get sick which is not good. I hate being sick because chores will just filed up and who would take care of the family, the food, the kids’ “baon” (snacks) to school and the laundry, oh my gosh.. the list is getting longer and longer. 🙁

I’m glad hubby is here to the rescue even if he could just do half of the things I did, hehehe that would be a great help, every little things count, you know and by the way he is a good cook too. 🙂

Thank you Unilab for this inspiring video…

A Special Gift for A Special Woman – Our Mom

We celebrate Mother’s Day on the month of May and since we’re already on the last week of March, it’s just right to start looking for Mother’s Day gifts for the most important woman in our life, our mother. She had sacrificed so much for her children, she is always there to nurture and care in their growing up years.  She turned the nights into days just so she can work her bones out to provide and give all the things her kids needs. And when they are sick, she is the nurse and the doctor at the same time. She is the teacher and the mentor, tutor them in their subjects and helped with their assignments and school projects.

And her role as a mother never stop even though her kids are all grown-ups as she is still there to give moral support on all the endeavors they want to pursue. To impart all the lessons in life she had gone through to become their guide in all the challenges they might face along the way. Now as a son or a daughter what can we do to make her feel important, to show her that we appreciate all the things she did us? That is to give her something special on this Mother’s Day. It could be an expensive gift or a simple token, it doesn’t matter coz I know (being a mom myself) deep in her heart she will be happy knowing that her children love her as much as she loved them. Whatever gift they give, it will always be priceless for her.