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Hello Kitty fan messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

This morning, manong messenger delivered a letter in our home, he was about to knock on our gate when I opened the door and he was a bit surprise since he didn’t see me but I already saw him outside the window grills. Then I saw his motorbike as it was very different from regular bikes, it has full of Hello Kitty stickers and glittering designs, so I got my phone cam as I don’t want to miss this, lol. I told him to not leave yet and will take photos of him and his unique bike and gladly obliged. Look at the photos above. 🙂

I’m really impressed with the efforts he had in designing his bike with all those Hello Kitty stickers, only a real Hello Kitty fan will do that, and he even handed me a Hello Kitty keychain with interchanging lights of red and blue that I put in my dish garden.. hahaha, but the downside was i forgot to ask his name, my bad.. I’m thinking if I order at a guitar shop online will he be the one to deliver it? hmmm just a wishful thinking. 🙂