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Good Dad

I can so relate to this video, lol. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, no rest day, no vacation only when you get sick which is not good. I hate being sick because chores will just filed up and who would take care of the family, the food, the kids’ “baon” (snacks) to school and the laundry, oh my gosh.. the list is getting longer and longer. 🙁

I’m glad hubby is here to the rescue even if he could just do half of the things I did, hehehe that would be a great help, every little things count, you know and by the way he is a good cook too. 🙂

Thank you Unilab for this inspiring video…

The Battle Against Cancer

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Learning about cancer in the family can be a horrifying experience. People are so overcome with emotions that sometimes, only its negativity controls us. Don’t let this happen to you and your family. Cancer diagnosis and clinical trials can become so complicated that one can no longer understand what’s happening and what’s going to happen in the next stages. People who have come been involved in the battle against cancer knows that this part of the diagnosis needs a lot of improvement for patients and families to learn what is really happening and dissolve that fear they have of the unknown.

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How to Prevent Diaper Rash

When my kids were still babies, I used cloth diapers on them since during that time disposable diapers were very scarce and not that very popular as today. Very rare if you will find them in grocery stores and supermarket counters. If ever available these were quite expensive since most of them were imported from other countries and not locally made, so unlike today that disposable diapers (imported and local) flooded the market and so many to choose from. My only consolation at that time was my washing machine, no need for me to hand-wash dirty and soiled diapers. And my kids didn’t suffer skin dryness and  diaper rush because cloth diapers were soft and airy, air can easily pass through them. Unlike disposable diapers that are made of plastic materials to prevent leaks and the skin cannot breath through.

But there are ways to keep baby’s skin healthy and avoid diaper rash.

  • Keeping baby’s butt dry and clean, make sure to change diaper as soon as it’s wet and soiled.
  • When diapering, always spread thin layer of oxide cream or petroleum jelly over the baby’s bottom to prevent wetness.
  • Avoid using baby powder especially if there already rashes – it doesn’t prevent wetness or treat diaper rash and maybe harmful if inhaled by baby.
  • When putting fresh diaper, don’t  secure  too tightly to allow some air to circulate.

Diaper rush – is a result of skin irritation when skin comes in contact with stools and urine.

source: Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Phil. (MACNAP)