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3 Ways Poor Dental Hygiene Can Ruin Your Intimacy



3 Ways Poor Dental Hygiene Can Ruin Your Intimacy

Everyone knows how important it is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and germ-free. However, there are plenty of reasons, besides overall oral health, to practice good dental hygiene – and one of them is to ensure you don’t run into any problems with intimacy. Don’t believe us? Check out the following 3 ways poor dental hygiene can ruin your chances romantically, perhaps without you even realizing it.

You Won’t Get Far Without a Nice Smile

Having a set of sparkling pearly whites is one of the most important aspects of any intimate relationship. In fact, not having healthy teeth can destroy an intimate relationship even before it starts – both men and women say that a great smile is the most important thing for someone to have in order to be considered as a romantic partner.

Having an unattractive smile can result from many things. Bad habits like smoking or drinking too much coffee can rob your chompers of their pearly white sheen. Thankfully, brushing regularly with a whitening toothpaste – or visiting your local dentist for some tooth whitening treatments – can do wonders for your smile and your love life.

Bad Breath Will Do More Than Make Flowers Wilt

Bad breath is obviously a deal-breaker when it comes to being intimate. It goes further than skipping the garlic-and-onion pizza over lunch, though – truly persistent bad breath can – and often is – a sign that you’re suffering from poor oral hygiene. Nobody is going to want to pucker up with you if you’ve got seriously bad breath; thankfully the solution is often as easy as just ensuring that you brush regularly.

Why is poor oral hygiene linked with bad breath? When you don’t spend enough time brushing or flossing regularly, this often results in a build-up of unhelpful “bad” bacteria in your mouth. This accumulating bacteria, if left unchecked, begin releasing volatile – and pungent – organic compounds that give you the kind of breath that can wilt flowers.  Not only that, but these same bacteria can lead to any number of oral health issues, which makes it even more important to practice good dental hygiene.

Lack of Sexual Performance

If there’s one thing that will always cause people to sit up and take notice, it’s anything that causes a lack of sexual performance. In this instance, there’s research that shows there’s a close correlation between an inability to perform and poor oral hygiene.

This one is likely to be a surprise to many, but the truth is that men with gum disease, especially those under the age of 40, also suffer from erectile dysfunction more often than those who do not.  In fact, they’re twice as likely to suffer from a lack of sexual performance as men who don’t suffer from the same types of oral health problems. Now if that isn’t motivation to brush your teeth, we don’t know what is!

Get Yourself to the Dentist

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There are, thankfully, ways to treat all these issues to avoid them becoming problems for your love life. Sometimes just regular brushing and flossing is enough to turn the tide. Other times, you might need a little help – and we recommend contacting your family dentist for aid in treating your own oral health issues.

You don’t have to be relegated to a lonely life, devoid of intimacy. It’s never too late to start turning things around when it comes to good oral health. Making a commitment to better dental hygiene today can lead to more intimacy in your own life with partners new and old. Take command of your love life today!