D-I-Y Guitar School Project (Recycle, Reuse, Create)


diy guitar

Our boy had this project from school, his homework is to make a do-it-yourself musical instrument. The school is teaching the kids to create something using recyclable materials.  They formed a small music group in their class and he was assigned to be the guitar player, all their instruments are from recycled materials, best way to teach the kids the importance of recycling.

guitar project

With the help of hubby, they made this DIY guitar using ice cream tub, surplus wood from the home construction before and excess strings from his fishing gears. Just a bit of tuning here and there, and voila! he has a guitar, hubby was thinking of a 12 string bass, but can’t figure out how, lol.  #Recycle #Reuse #Create

And now even if their project is already finished, he kept his guitar and practiced playing during his free time. I removed the laptop from his room and his cellphone during weekends, that’s why he has more ‘bored time’ (lol) after doing house chores and playing outside, he also do some drawings, things he never did due to being so preoccupied with gadgets. Best idea to squeeze out his creativity, I hope. 🙂

Singing – My Elusive Dream

Image courtesy of thawats at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of thawats at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Not everyone is gifted with beautiful singing voice and the confidence to sing in front of other people, and it’s amazing when you hear that a whole family does have this God-given talent. From parents to their children and expected that it will be pass on to their next generation. But it’s not always a case, like in ours, my mother has a beautiful voice and loves to sing and so are my two sisters, but not me, lol… I like to but it was the singing that doesn’t like me, haha…

Anyways, hubby is giving me some tips since theirs is one of those lucky family gifted with that talent, will I be like a guitar that needs a vocal compressor to achieve my goal? Who knows, maybe someday it might work, it goes with the saying; if there’s a will, there’s a way and hopefully not just stay as an elusive dream, lol..


Hello Kitty fan messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

This morning, manong messenger delivered a letter in our home, he was about to knock on our gate when I opened the door and he was a bit surprise since he didn’t see me but I already saw him outside the window grills. Then I saw his motorbike as it was very different from regular bikes, it has full of Hello Kitty stickers and glittering designs, so I got my phone cam as I don’t want to miss this, lol. I told him to not leave yet and will take photos of him and his unique bike and gladly obliged. Look at the photos above. 🙂

I’m really impressed with the efforts he had in designing his bike with all those Hello Kitty stickers, only a real Hello Kitty fan will do that, and he even handed me a Hello Kitty keychain with interchanging lights of red and blue that I put in my dish garden.. hahaha, but the downside was i forgot to ask his name, my bad.. I’m thinking if I order at a guitar shop online will he be the one to deliver it? hmmm just a wishful thinking. 🙂


New Phone


oppo f1 s phone

It’s a rainy Sunday and you know gloomy the feeling when you want to stay in bed much longer, but I want to go to mall as they are having a 3-day sale, it was the last day and I don’t wan to miss this opportunity of buying a new phone with big discount lol.. Thankfully hubby is very understanding and told me to get ready because he knows I’m badly needing a new phone with good camera right now for my work as blogger, the old one is not working well anymore. So off we go and luckily the rain stopped with only a drizzle to booth. I didn’t find the brand and model I was looking for as it was already phased-out and replaced with new models.  🙁 Anyways, I found a better one with upgraded specs and lots of freebies; free sim card, 16 gb memory card and transparent jelly case, not only that, also got it at 0% interest for 12 months using credit card, which is fine on my budget.

Now I have a new mobile phone while doing a research on epiphone 339 for an electric guitar, I tried the camera and loved the results, the shots are so clear and the color is so vivid because of its high definition resolution – 13 MP on the rear camera and 5 MP for front which is very good for doing selfies, 🙂 it’s the OPPO F1s. I’m very excited to use this when attending product events for live coverage to share photos and videos on social media.

How to Plan an Awesome Family Trip to New York City

New York

Image courtesy of Vichaya Kiatying-Angsulee at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Every family that has an opportunity to visit the Big Apple should be sure to take advantage of it. However, it can be very stressful managing your family in this bustling metropolis, especially navigating the many options for entertainment and fun. Every family will have different needs and interests, so be sure to keep in mind the tastes of your individual family members, and be ready to compromise. Here are some more tips on making the most of your family vacation in New York City.

First, consider your family members’ interests and check out the major locations that meet your needs. There are famous museums like the Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as world-renowned landmarks like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty. If you try to do them all, however, you will burn out and have a less than stellar time. Keep in mind the distance between activities and locations and plan accordingly.

One way to maximize the number of sights that you can see is by using an organized tour service. Look into double-decker buses as well as walking tours and ferries. All of these options allow your family to conveniently see a number of interesting things without the stress of organizing your own routine. If you choose to tour the city by yourself, consider using public transportation to save time and money. Otherwise, stick to taxis, as parking in New York City is inconvenient and costly.

Finally, don’t over-schedule your trip, and leave yourself opportunities for surprises and spontaneity. You may spot a TV show being filmed, or take part in a public art project like Sing for Hope, which installs street pianos in new york city. Stay open to trying new kinds of cuisine and checking out smaller establishments, off the beaten track. You will find that, contrary to some old stereotypes, New York City can be a very friendly place for tourists, provided you follow the usual rules of pedestrian etiquette on the streets. If you’re staying at a hotel, ask your concierge for tips.

Your family can have a great time visiting New York City as long as you plan well but stay flexible. Choose a few major trips, considering joining a tour, and look out for surprising opportunities. And don’t forget to take pictures!