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How To Reduce Wasted Energy



If there is anything that energy users want, it’s to reduce their overall energy consumption and waste. Not only is this immensely helpful to the environment and preserving the world around us, but it has the added benefit of lowering customers’ overall monthly bills and energy expenses. Lowering your energy usage is simple if you can learn to incorporate some easy strategies into your daily routine. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Use Power Strips and Turn Them Off

Power-saving strips – also frequently known as “surge protectors” – are a fantastic innovation that every home should be using. They help to regulate the amount of energy that your televisions, computers and stereo systems receive. However, many people fail to power them off when they aren’t using their electronics. The little red on and off switch exists for a reason. Even though surge protectors lower energy use, the only surefire way to reduce your energy consumption is by turning them off when they aren’t in use.

Be Smart About Heating and Cooling

There is no reason to leave your air conditioning or heating units running when you aren’t home. Program your thermostat to turn them off when you’re at work and to turn them back on roughly ten minutes before you arrive home. Remember, during the day, the sun can raise the temperature of your house. In the chillier months, take note of this and turn your heating system down when the sun is at its peak.

Teach Your Kids To Be Good Energy Consumers

Kids can be the worst when it comes to wasted energy. To combat the bad habits that many kids are guilty of, start teaching them wise energy practices at a young age. This includes always turning off lights and electronics before leaving the room and being responsible when adjusting the thermostat. Practicing smart energy habits is a lot easier when your kids are on board with the new initiative.






Have Your Air Conditioning Unit Serviced Today

air-conditioning system maintenance - photo

If you have an air conditioning unit for your home, you need to have it serviced once a year. There are many parts of an AC system that can be checked and serviced. By having this work done today, you will avoid expensive repairs in the future. You will also save money on your utility bill by keeping your AC system operating in peak condition.

One aspect of an AC system that is overlooked is the thermostat. A poorly functioning thermostat may allow an AC unit to stay on longer than necessary. A maintenance check by a professional calgary plumber and air conditioning technician will always check the thermostat. Replacing a bad thermostat will also add longevity to your AC unit.

A good cleaning will also add life to your AC system. Cleanings the coil and fans will prevent a breakdown. A complete inspection of the inside and outside of your AC system will also catch potential problems. Belts can be replaced before they break, and moving parts can be lubricated to maintain optimal working condition. Refridgerant levels can be checked to make sure the air from your unit is cold.

The best time to have your AC system serviced is today. While it is still on your mind, you can make an appointment for a time that is convenient for you. It doesn’t take long, and a technician can make recommendations if there are any potential problems that are found. ClearView Plumbing is one example of a company that offers a maintenance service for air conditioning calgary systems.


Savings from my BDO reward card

( my dilapidated but active BDO reward card ūüôā ) BDO Reward card

Last year before the year ends, we did our grocery shopping for the New Year at SaveMoreGrocery and spent the reward points from our BDO reward card. We first asked the cashier how much points we had accumulated and to my surprise it was already 900 pesos, who-ah, that was good. A big chunk will be lessen to the total balance of my purchases, almost 25% savings, this is the advantage if you have a reward card and good thing BDO offered them to their clients and we can use the reward card in any SM Mall, Hypermart and Savemore branches.


New Camera – Big Discounts

My old digicam was already acting up, I knew it was the battery again, I had it replaced more than a year ago, so I looked for a replacement but had to think¬† twice when I saw the price, it will cost 1,100 pesos for the generic and Php 2,200 for the branded, I could already buy a brand new camera with that price, huh. I’m already planning to buy a new camera though, but the husband was very keen of keeping the old cam for himself if I buy a new one, so we bought a new battery (which was a bad decision as the old camera finally¬†decided to rest ¬†permanently). ūüôĀ


3-day sale at SM photo 3-daysale_zps8cbb7356.jpg

Even if we had bought a new battery, I went on to search for a new digicam. We went to the mall (SM Fairview) last week not knowing that there was a 3-day sale going on.

Canon camera photo canon_zps81a0436b.jpg

Oh what a lucky day coz I was able to buy this Canon A4000 IS for only Php 6,296  ($ 175)  from its original price of Php 8,995 (approx. $ 225). That was Php 2,698 discount or almost $68. After the 3-day sale the price was back to its old price of Php 8,995. Not only with the camera did we save a lot, but also to a Black and Decker automatic Drill, we got a 10% discount with added freebies on the side. These were charged to credit card on straight payment scheme which means I have one full month to save and pay the credit card bill with zero interest on my part. Nice!


Over-looking Costs of High-Quality Items that Give Value for Money


There are people who take penny pinching to the extreme and go for low-priced items without any consideration to the item quality.  Some would risk buying low cost and low quality items on trivial things like costume jewelry and home decors but there are items where one should prioritize quality over cost all the time.

Appliances and or anything that requires plugging into an electric outlet should only be bought from established brands or those that have proven track-record in safety.  Poor quality appliances break down easily and have to be replaced after a few uses only and worse they can even cause an electrical shortage or fire.  Tools of the trade like power tools, stethoscope, lab equipment, etc. may be bought from reputable dealers for the safety of the users and the people around them.  Specialty retailers like prestige medical that cater to medical professionals make it easy to find high quality items that are priced just right.