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D-I-Y Guitar School Project (Recycle, Reuse, Create)


diy guitar

Our boy had this project from school, his homework is to make a do-it-yourself musical instrument. The school is teaching the kids to create something using recyclable materials.  They formed a small music group in their class and he was assigned to be the guitar player, all their instruments are from recycled materials, best way to teach the kids the importance of recycling.

guitar project

With the help of hubby, they made this DIY guitar using ice cream tub, surplus wood from the home construction before and excess strings from his fishing gears. Just a bit of tuning here and there, and voila! he has a guitar, hubby was thinking of a 12 string bass, but can’t figure out how, lol.  #Recycle #Reuse #Create

And now even if their project is already finished, he kept his guitar and practiced playing during his free time. I removed the laptop from his room and his cellphone during weekends, that’s why he has more ‘bored time’ (lol) after doing house chores and playing outside, he also do some drawings, things he never did due to being so preoccupied with gadgets. Best idea to squeeze out his creativity, I hope. 🙂

Gifts That Are Fun To Make For Mom

Many children enjoy making gifts for their mother through the year. There are a few ideas that take very little time to complete, and they can be us for holidays, special occasions or just to say “I Love You.”
One of the ideas that involves a computer and a printer is a custom gift card. Children can create any image on the front of the custom gift cards that matches the occasion. On one side, display the amount that the card is for, such as a day or a week. The other side would include what the card can be used for, such as hugs, kisses, a massage or a meal that is prepared by the children.
A picture collage is a gift idea that your mother will likely cherish for years. Make sure the collage is in a frame that is easy to add pictures in later so that she can change the images as children get older. Get a wooden frame, paint it her favorite color, and add sparkle or stickers to the frame for a hint of personality. Continue reading

Find gifts for musically inclined love ones

Gosh we’re already on half of the first “ber” month, September which means we are on our way to the most awaited season in this part of the world – the Christmas season. As of now, Christmas songs are being played on the airwaves and department stores and malls started displaying Christmas decors for early shoppers at low low prices.


And because this holiday is a gift giving season, lots of ideas for kids and love ones are there to choose from. For musically inclined family or friends that you might want to give something, better visit musicianfriend online store to get you into the beat on what to gift them for a start.

Urban Gardening

No big space for your gardening project? I thought it will a problem, but if there’s a will, there’s always a way. We use plant pots and used containers to plant these veggies and other decorative plants, some seeds were given by my niece Jade from Palawan.


For our vegetable garden, we already harvested okra, onion springs and celery that we have used in our cooking, while waiting for other plants to bear fruits. We have chili pepper, pechay, tomatoes, calamansi (local Citrus fruit) and luyang dilaw (tumeric ginger).


Some of them are placed in the front of the house while others are in the window sills of the terrace. They also serve as decoration to make my  terrace looked green. 🙂 All these are organic as we didn’t use any chemical as fertilizer, we used compost from left-over foods and vegetable waste.

Compost is a key ingredient in organic farming. At the simplest level, the process of composting simply requires making a heap of wetted organic matter known as green waste (leaves, food waste) and waiting for the materials to break down into humus after a period of weeks or months. (Wikipedia)

And we use water from our aquarium to water the plants (got the idea from aquaponics planting system). The fish waste provides an organic food source for the growing plants.

Logo Linens for themed Parties

Themed parties are now the trending fashion for special occasions like birthdays specially for children and for company team-building and special celebrations that people would like their eventss to be different from regular gatherings. Caterers and party organizers prepare the theme according to their clients’ requests from designs of the venue up to the table settings, company logos if sponsored by the business firm. Good thing linen printers like Premier Table Linen that are available 24 hours 7-days a week and you can order online even if pressed with time for 48 hour rush and ordering is very simple, just log-on to the company’s website, place your order and upload your preferred designs and they will do the rest.

Acceptable art files: (The following formats are best for a 48 hour turnaround.)
EPS File (Encapsulated Post Script) File designation is .eps *  |  AI File (Adobe® Illustrator) File designation .ai *  |  PDF File(Portable Document Format) File designation .Pdf *  |  SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) File designation .svg *