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Singing – My Elusive Dream

Image courtesy of thawats at

Image courtesy of thawats at

Not everyone is gifted with beautiful singing voice and the confidence to sing in front of other people, and it’s amazing when you hear that a whole family does have this God-given talent. From parents to their children and expected that it will be pass on to their next generation. But it’s not always a case, like in ours, my mother has a beautiful voice and loves to sing and so are my two sisters, but not me, lol… I like to but it was the singing that doesn’t like me, haha…

Anyways, hubby is giving me some tips since theirs is one of those lucky family gifted with that talent, will I be like a guitar that needs a vocal compressor to achieve my goal? Who knows, maybe someday it might work, it goes with the saying; if there’s a will, there’s a way and hopefully not just stay as an elusive dream, lol..


Discovering things from the past

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From time to time we like to remember things from the past, mesmerizing on the things we did or just being nostalgic of the events that happened in our life. We are also tend to be curious on the lifestyles of the people from different era that’s why we flock to museums and other places just to discover stuff that aren’t around us or being used anymore in this modern day like a classic microphone from the 30’s or 60’s that can be called antique today or visit different car shows of vintage cars. This maybe the reason why Throwback Thursday become a hit for netizens on social media  network.