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School Projects


school project

Because the school year is about to end, students like my grandson J are very busy reviewing for final exams and at the same doing projects related to their subjects as required by the school. J had done at least two projects for this month, not counting all the activities like dance and music presentations using D-I-Y musical instruments like guitar and drum cymbals check it out at GuitarCenter. He also painted himself the mask he used on their dance presentation featuring a local dance event, the Masskara festival.

And before the final exams, his teacher assigned the last (finally, whew) project for this school year, a demonstration of eclipse between the sun, moon and earth using materials like styro balls, wire, tiny piece of wood as stand and watercolor for painting. I helped him with this project, though he had an idea but wasn’t sure how to execute it, so here it is (left photo) it wasn’t perfect but we did it, lol…

Keeping the kids busy during rainy days

No typhoon but Low Pressure Area (LPA) is making the week until weekend raining non-stop. Two days in a row that classes were suspended and you know how it is for parents like us, with kids around the house, chaos and riot, lol. They can’t get out of the house because of the rain and we know how restless they can be, haha. They will play in a while and later will get tired and will try to find something to keep them busy again. They can watch TV or play with their gadgets, but of course we can injected something constructive to tap some of their hidden talents. Like playing musical instruments as guitar from tyler tx or practice singing via videoke machine. So many talented singers without any formal singing lesson were discovered because of this.

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Artworks to keep them busy too. Anyways, back to the kids, always make their free time worthwhile and it will be both beneficial for them and for us parents too.

A low pressure system has lower pressure at its center than the areas around it. Winds blow towards the low pressure, and the air rises in the atmosphere where they meet. As the air rises, the water vapor within it condenses forming clouds and often precipitation too.  source:

Rescued little birdie


bird in a cage

When my two grandkids were biking inside the village, they found this little birdie hopping on the grass, they think it could have fallen from a nest on a tree somewhere. They called my husband to catch the bird for it might be eaten by some stray cats or some kids caught it  and turn the poor guy into play-toy (you know some kids do that) and die.

My grandson got this cage from their house, while hubby made an improvised nest out of fresh grass for the little bird to settle in in case it wants to sleep, lol but it stayed most of the time hanging on the stick. We put water and chicken feed (crushed corn and rice) for its food. From time to time, we put it outside the cage to see if it’s ready to fly and go home, but still it can’t fly yet and just hopped around. There were big birds of his kind, flying outside sometimes they will stay in electric cable on the post or on roofs nearby and make sounds as if calling the little bird which answers back.

On the third day, hubby decided to let go of the little bird and let it loose from the cage, sadly it can’t fly yet and just hopped from one grass to another, now we don’t know if it has survived and flew with the flock or was eaten by some stray cats. My grandkids were asking where the little guy was when they saw the empty cage, I told them what happened and they were sad, we just hoped he is now with his family and not at the stomach of a cat. 🙁 Anyways, I’m glad the kids have a compassionate heart for other creatures on earth other than humans.

Reclaiming Your Teen’s Life

wood camp

Something happens in the teen years. It’s a tumultuous time when your child is overcome by forces within and without that are pulling at him all the time. It may be too much for your teenager to cope with on his own. If you see your son experiencing failure in school and becoming withdrawn, it may feel like he is slipping away from you one day at a time. You want to help him to feel good about himself and take strides toward realizing his potential. You need to be proactive and take action now before the gap between you grows any larger.

Take Part in Activities Together
When you feel as if your teen is distancing himself from you, make an effort to do joint activities. Go hiking and camping. Break out your bicycles. Take a trip away for the weekend to a place your teen has always loved. Work on getting him to talk to you and come out of his shell.

Make Time for Family
Start every day together as a family, having a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat before you go on your way. Send your teen off with a show of your support. Close each day with dinner together at the table. Turn off the technology and make it a priority to talk with each other. Find out what is going on in your teen’s life and if there are any concerns. Suggest solutions to problems. Make sure your son knows that he is not alone.

Talk to Your Physician
If you are truly concerned by how your teen appears to be closing himself off from you and his lack of communication, turn to your primary physician. Ask for advice and consider counseling as a form of therapy. Reach out in every possible way so that your child will not slip away.

Be Open to All Alternatives
Boot camp for teenagers could be the answer for your teen. The Wood Creek Academy offers programs that can help teens with low self-esteem to turn the situation around. As they band together with others who share similar experiences, teens acquire the tools they need to deal with life’s challenges. Your teen is the center of your universe. Make sure he knows it and that you will do anything you can to help him.

Four Simple Home Remedies to Help a Baby with a Cold

Colds are miserable things and to see your baby full of cold is very difficult to bear as a parent. In most cases the symptoms of a cold pass within ten days or so, but while the cold is in full swing, your baby will find it difficult to feed and sleep properly, and will in all likelihood be extremely unhappy. So what can you do to make your baby feel a bit more comfortable?

Over the counter cold remedies are not suitable for babies. You can give a baby aged 3 months or older infant paracetamol if they have a raised temperature, but that’s about it. But don’t worry because there are plenty of cold home remedies you can try if your baby has a nasty cold.

Ease Congestion with Steam

Steam is great for loosening up the mucous in a baby’s chest and helping to clear his nose. There are many ways to create a nice, steamy atmosphere in the room. Running a warm bath will release lots of steam into the bathroom, which will open up your baby’s nasal passages and once he’s in the bath, soothe and relax him ready for bed. Alternatively, use a humidifier in your baby’s bedroom, but make sure it is kept clean.

Clear Baby’s Nose with a Mucous Bulb

A mucous bulb is an easy way to clear a baby’s blocked nose. When a baby’s nose is blocked, he will find it very difficult to feed. If he can’t feed, he will soon become dehydrated, so it is important to try and keep his nose as clear as possible. Since a baby can’t grab a tissue and blow his nose, a baby nose sucker is a handy tool to keep in the bathroom cabinet. They are best used in conjunction with saline solution.

A Breath of Fresh Air

As much as you may be tempted to keep your baby tucked up in a warm house, this is not necessarily the best thing for him. A centrally heated warm room will make his blocked nose even more congested. Your baby will find it easier to breathe in a cooler, less dry atmosphere, so if his nose is blocked, wrap him up nice and warm and take him for a spin in his pram. A change of scenery will do you both the world of good and with a bit of luck, he will fall asleep and stay asleep once you return home.

Fight Fever with Lemons

Lemons are a fragrant way to fight a fever. To help cure a fever in a baby, slice a lemon into a bowl of warm water. This will release the lemon’s fragrant, aromatic oils and help bring your baby’s temperature down. Tepid lemon-infused water can be used to bathe a feverish baby, but do make sure the water is not too cool or hot or it will be uncomfortable for him.

In most cases a baby will recover from a cold within a week, but if you are at all concerned about your baby’s health, ask your doctor for advice.