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Good Dad

I can so relate to this video, lol. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, no rest day, no vacation only when you get sick which is not good. I hate being sick because chores will just filed up and who would take care of the family, the food, the kids’ “baon” (snacks) to school and the laundry, oh my gosh.. the list is getting longer and longer. 🙁

I’m glad hubby is here to the rescue even if he could just do half of the things I did, hehehe that would be a great help, every little things count, you know and by the way he is a good cook too. 🙂

Thank you Unilab for this inspiring video…

How to keep up with the active boys in the family


boys role-playing

Okay, it’s a long vacation from school and someone once asked me how do I cope with very active kids specially the boys in the family, oh well, it’s not easy I tell you but I just have to deal with it having two sons (both grown-ups) and now grandkids to take care of. I have learned not to stress myself anymore, let them be themselves and enjoy their childhood, just be careful not to let them hurt their selves.

When they are in school, the house is quiet and serene until they come home and it’s chaos once again, lol and because it’s a school break, I need to find something to keep them busy, good thing my brother sent this superhero costumes and looked at them doing this role-play of their favorite superheroes, that kept them busy for a while, haha. I’ve tried to turn their interest on music as we have a videoke machine for them to practice singing or any musical instruments they might want to play but to no avail, maybe later when they’re a bit older and discover the inert talent for themselves, for now they don’t need the ls studio Saxophone Microphone yet.

Reclaiming Your Teen’s Life

wood camp

Something happens in the teen years. It’s a tumultuous time when your child is overcome by forces within and without that are pulling at him all the time. It may be too much for your teenager to cope with on his own. If you see your son experiencing failure in school and becoming withdrawn, it may feel like he is slipping away from you one day at a time. You want to help him to feel good about himself and take strides toward realizing his potential. You need to be proactive and take action now before the gap between you grows any larger.

Take Part in Activities Together
When you feel as if your teen is distancing himself from you, make an effort to do joint activities. Go hiking and camping. Break out your bicycles. Take a trip away for the weekend to a place your teen has always loved. Work on getting him to talk to you and come out of his shell.

Make Time for Family
Start every day together as a family, having a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat before you go on your way. Send your teen off with a show of your support. Close each day with dinner together at the table. Turn off the technology and make it a priority to talk with each other. Find out what is going on in your teen’s life and if there are any concerns. Suggest solutions to problems. Make sure your son knows that he is not alone.

Talk to Your Physician
If you are truly concerned by how your teen appears to be closing himself off from you and his lack of communication, turn to your primary physician. Ask for advice and consider counseling as a form of therapy. Reach out in every possible way so that your child will not slip away.

Be Open to All Alternatives
Boot camp for teenagers could be the answer for your teen. The Wood Creek Academy offers programs that can help teens with low self-esteem to turn the situation around. As they band together with others who share similar experiences, teens acquire the tools they need to deal with life’s challenges. Your teen is the center of your universe. Make sure he knows it and that you will do anything you can to help him.

Men’s watch – Nice gift idea

Men's watch

Okay, found this watch from here I know this is a very good gift idea for hubby for his coming birthday this year which will be 6 months away, except for the price.. Quite expensive for my budget, it’s between $800-900 huhu…though I really like the design and for sure the husband will be more delighted, but still can’t afford it 🙁  , maybe I can find a cheaper alternative or keep the belt a little tighter to save more moolah… Oh well, it’s still 6 months away and I still have plenty of time to think – to buy or not to buy, that is the question… lol.

Expressing One’s Pride for Parenthood in Everyday Items

Mom and Dad
Being a parent is one of the greatest and yet most challenging role in one’s life. It is no wonder that some people’s pride in being a mom or dad is reflected in the everyday things that they use both at home and in the office. Coffee mugs and shirts are two of the popular items that express one’s pride in being a mom or dad. There are also jewelry items like mothers rings and necklaces, engraved bracelets, pendants, and car jewelries for dads that not only showcases pride in being a parent but also acts as sentimental tools that they can pass on to their kids. However, the best expression of pride is still in being with their kids during times that matter most.