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Why go wireless


Wireless sound system is the best method today in the music and entertainment industry, gone are the days when cords and cables were attached to every machine when doing programs on stage and other activities that need sound systems, resulting in a tedious set-up, time consuming tasks and limited movements on stage. Without the cables, it saves you time when it comes to setting up and more freedom to access your venue.
Did you know that Guitar Center has, wireless mic at a great price! and why wireless microphone is best;

wireless mic
A favorite among vocalists and public speakers alike, these compact systems offer total freedom of movement and are attached to a body pack that transmits a wireless signal to its receiver. When it comes to singing and sound amplification, there are lots of options available to get yourself heard. Wireless systems take care of this without the use of cords or cables, giving them an edge over their wired counterparts when it comes to portability and ease of set up. Whether you’re hitting the stage for a set or speaking to a large group about your love of music, a wireless system is the solution to all your sound projection needs.

Virtual Piano Lesson


ID-100320572virtual piano software

Looks like technology is catching on us so fast, you can order food online, sent messages online, shop online and now…. when before you need to have a piano instructor to teach you lessons to play piano. But today virtual piano is here and you can play it through your smart phone using apps downloaded from the internet or buy Virtual Piano software to upload to your computer and study at your own time and phase at the comfort of your home while practicing your keys and notes on your piano. Making life easy for busy people who want to expand their talent and creativity more.


Hello Kitty fan messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

Hello Kitty Messenger

This morning, manong messenger delivered a letter in our home, he was about to knock on our gate when I opened the door and he was a bit surprise since he didn’t see me but I already saw him outside the window grills. Then I saw his motorbike as it was very different from regular bikes, it has full of Hello Kitty stickers and glittering designs, so I got my phone cam as I don’t want to miss this, lol. I told him to not leave yet and will take photos of him and his unique bike and gladly obliged. Look at the photos above. 🙂

I’m really impressed with the efforts he had in designing his bike with all those Hello Kitty stickers, only a real Hello Kitty fan will do that, and he even handed me a Hello Kitty keychain with interchanging lights of red and blue that I put in my dish garden.. hahaha, but the downside was i forgot to ask his name, my bad.. I’m thinking if I order at a guitar shop online will he be the one to deliver it? hmmm just a wishful thinking. 🙂


Music instruments gears that enhance sound quality

tele bridge220px-Vintagewhite

Since I’m not a musician nor familiar with different musical instruments and their corresponding accessories like the tele bridge pickup for guitars, I had to google search it to finish a task assigned to me which is also an advantage coz I learned something new today. When I see a guitar I see it as a simple musical instrument that creates sound when played, never thought that it needs different gears to enhance its capability to produce good quality music and the tele bridge pick-up is one of those.

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Music and sounds to keep your party alive


Karaoke before and Videoke now, both served the same purpose, this is for people who loved to sing (though not necessarily have the voice, lol) and always find their way to hold a microphone, even old school microphone will do to show off their singing prowess. These music machines kept the party light up all the time. I can’t imagine any gatherings without music and sounds, and because of this, it is now a necessity to own this machine if you love to hold parties in your home at any occasion to keep the guests entertained and if you don’t have one, there are available ones you can rent for a day at minimum fee.

Karaoke is an old school sing-along music machine and use minus one tape recorder as your back-up music and Videoke is the modern version where the machine is attached to a monitor or tv with lyrics displayed to follow, thus the word video. I bought one because family members love singing even without occasion for bonding moments.