How Did Cheap Credit Card Processing Change Small Businesses?


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

In the past, for a business to offer credit card processing they had to pay a pretty penny. Some processing companies require setup fees and equipment rental payments while others charge fees for processing each credit or debit card. Such fees can add up and lead to many small businesses not being able to process credit/debit card transactions. This, of course, leads to the loss of customers which can be detrimental to the business.

Thankfully, cheap credit card processing options have entered the picture and merchant services are offered at a premium.  Small businesses can sign up for merchant accounts and have access to POS solutions with no fees and little to no startup cost. Such companies as Merchant Account Solutions have made it easy for small businesses to begin to accept credit and debit card payments.

Small businesses have several options with such companies as MAS including mobile payment solutions, credit card readers, and tablet devices. You also have the option to integrate additional features based on what your business requires. Small businesses have benefited greatly from installing such systems for credit card and debit card payments. wo

How Has This Changed Small Businesses?

With the affordable credit card processing services, small businesses can compete with medium to large competitors. In the past, without credit/debit card transaction options, small businesses would lose customers. Trying to keep up with fees from processing companies has led to many businesses closing up shop. Now that a cheap option is on offer, small businesses can thrive and grow, providing the same great payment methods as their larger competitors.

Overall, small businesses have a better success rate when being able to accept credit and debit card payments. By working with such companies as Merchant Account Solutions, these businesses can offer the same payment methods, which create return customers and a thriving business.

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