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Now that we are in the age that everything is digitalized (thanks to advance technology) from appliances to computers, cell phones, cameras and even storing data and photos, life has never been easier. No more excuses of misplaced files when asked by your boss or photo albums damaged by water or eaten up by mites. No more heartaches when precious photos you have treasured all these years got lost when nature’s fury struck and flooded your place or a disaster like fire happened and burned all the happy memories those pictures reminisce. Because all of these can be stored online, all you need to do is get a reliable site to keep those.

Now we can find different sites where we can store our photos but that’s just it store, no other features offered where we can invite families and friends to connect with us, see our favorites like places, gadgets, fashion accessories and more or recommend a new restaurant or vacation hide-away for them to visit. I’m just so happy I find clipix who offered all of them. I’m so OC when it comes to organizing my things offline and now I can do the same on my online stuff, what more can I ask for.. lol..  It’s like having an online clipboard where you can pin all your favorites separately, each having their own category and you can even customized them for easy  find.

And as if it wasn’t enough coz there are also the Syncboards where you and your family and friends can collaborate all your favorite stuff in one place and see them in real-time and the Multiboards that allows you to group all your clipboards by category to be more organized.  Clipix features are easy to use no brainer really, just watch the

and you’re ready to go.

Additional info about Clipix:

• There is an iPhone App (take all your clipboards with you on the go and add new clips by taking photos of things you see)

• You can create customized clipboards – create as many as you like for any purpose and rearrange them however you want

Clipix lets you choose whether you want your clips to be private or if you want to share them with your friends or the whole clipix community. Reclip clips, comment on clips, share them on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

• Create a clipboard at any time from within the “Clip” panel (Often you’ll see something you want to save that makes you think of a whole new category of things to save.)

• You will always find new uses for it all the time.

How about you have you tried Clipix already and how was it so far. If not you’re missing a lot. Try it now and let all your photos and favorites be in one place, have it ORGANIZED..

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9 thoughts on “Clipix – not your ordinary online Photo Album

  1. Ane

    Wow this is great! I love that it’s an iPhone app, which means I can actually try it.. 😀 my photos badly need some organizing.. 😛


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