How to keep up with the active boys in the family


boys role-playing

Okay, it’s a long vacation from school and someone once asked me how do I cope with very active kids specially the boys in the family, oh well, it’s not easy I tell you but I just have to deal with it having two sons (both grown-ups) and now grandkids to take care of. I have learned not to stress myself anymore, let them be themselves and enjoy their childhood, just be careful not to let them hurt their selves.

When they are in school, the house is quiet and serene until they come home and it’s chaos once again, lol and because it’s a school break, I need to find something to keep them busy, good thing my brother sent this superhero costumes and looked at them doing this role-play of their favorite superheroes, that kept them busy for a while, haha. I’ve tried to turn their interest on music as we have a videoke machine for them to practice singing or any musical instruments they might want to play but to no avail, maybe later when they’re a bit older and discover the inert talent for themselves, for now they don’t need the ls studio Saxophone Microphone yet.

Music instruments gears that enhance sound quality

tele bridge220px-Vintagewhite

Since I’m not a musician nor familiar with different musical instruments and their corresponding accessories like the tele bridge pickup for guitars, I had to google search it to finish a task assigned to me which is also an advantage coz I learned something new today. When I see a guitar I see it as a simple musical instrument that creates sound when played, never thought that it needs different gears to enhance its capability to produce good quality music and the tele bridge pick-up is one of those.

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Benefits of Multi Use Condos

Generations ago, it was common for families to live above shops and work spaces.  City center town homes allowed families to live upstairs and run a business from the street level.  While quarters were tight and often housed several generations, it was considered very efficient.  Many owners of shops such as hair salons, general stores, and hardware stores had residences on the second floor. Often the grandparents would tend to the younger children while the parents worked in the store downstairs. This live-work arrangement began to become less popular with the advent of cars and eventually the explosion of the suburbs.

Image courtesy of sritangphoto at

Image courtesy of sritangphoto at

The cycle is returning. More and more cities are including live-work zoning in city centers. The benefits are many.  It lends itself to the development of a very strong community, promotes a healthy lifestyle and reduces the number of cars in the city center.  With the advent of the internet, many people are able to work from home.  This requires a strong self-discipline and the commitment to start and stop work at consistent times. This work arrangement also tends to be isolating. Being accustomed to the camaraderie of co-workers and then working alone from home presents its own level of challenges. Reaching out to co-workers through email, texting and video conferencing is critical for both social health and staying in touch with developments and changes at the office.

Living above a storefront or professional practice such as a dental, attorney or CPA firm has a multitude of advantages.  First, there is a clear separation of work and personal life with defined spaces. As with telecommuting, the dreaded commute in heavy traffic is avoided. Working in a retail store or professional firm affords the advantage of daily interaction with customers, co-workers and venders. Small business owners are often very engaged in the local community through civic work and volunteerism. Non-profit boards often seek the advice and support of local business owners.  If you’re fortunate enough to live in a city that has instituted progressive zoning laws to allow live-work housing, give serious consideration to this lifestyle. It’s healthy on so many fronts. Good luck!

Luxurious Seattle Condos for Sale



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Music and sounds to keep your party alive


Karaoke before and Videoke now, both served the same purpose, this is for people who loved to sing (though not necessarily have the voice, lol) and always find their way to hold a microphone, even old school microphone will do to show off their singing prowess. These music machines kept the party light up all the time. I can’t imagine any gatherings without music and sounds, and because of this, it is now a necessity to own this machine if you love to hold parties in your home at any occasion to keep the guests entertained and if you don’t have one, there are available ones you can rent for a day at minimum fee.

Karaoke is an old school sing-along music machine and use minus one tape recorder as your back-up music and Videoke is the modern version where the machine is attached to a monitor or tv with lyrics displayed to follow, thus the word video. I bought one because family members love singing even without occasion for bonding moments.