Music and sounds to keep your party alive


Karaoke before and Videoke now, both served the same purpose, this is for people who loved to sing (though not necessarily have the voice, lol) and always find their way to hold a microphone, even old school microphone will do to show off their singing prowess. These music machines kept the party light up all the time. I can’t imagine any gatherings without music and sounds, and because of this, it is now a necessity to own this machine if you love to hold parties in your home at any occasion to keep the guests entertained and if you don’t have one, there are available ones you can rent for a day at minimum fee.

Karaoke is an old school sing-along music machine and use minus one tape recorder as your back-up music and Videoke is the modern version where the machine is attached to a monitor or tv with lyrics displayed to follow, thus the word video. I bought one because family members love singing even without occasion for bonding moments.

How to Select a Dishwasher That Will Benefit Your Home


Owning a dishwasher has several benefits. You will save time in the kitchen. It does an excellent job of getting every dish, pan and utensil spotlessly clean. The appliance can increase the value of your home. Dishwashers also allow anyone to do dishes in the house with just the push of a button. Here is how to select a dishwasher that will benefit your home.
Large and Spacious Racks

You are going to want a dishwasher with large and spacious racks. Make certain that the racks have a variety of different holders and spaces for all types of dishes. You optimally want a dishwasher that has adjustable racks so that you can get large pots and other big items into the appliance. Check the interior cubic footage if you cannot compare sizes visually.
Simple Controls

You do not want a dishwasher that requires you to go through complex procedures just to start a cycle. Look for a unit that has simple controls. Basic digital controls with a digital display are the easiest to use. The controls should make sense when you look at them. Avoid units that have dozens of buttons and dials since you could encounter problems with settings later.
Multiple Cleaning Modes Continue reading

Gifts That Are Fun To Make For Mom

Many children enjoy making gifts for their mother through the year. There are a few ideas that take very little time to complete, and they can be us for holidays, special occasions or just to say “I Love You.”
One of the ideas that involves a computer and a printer is a custom gift card. Children can create any image on the front of the custom gift cards that matches the occasion. On one side, display the amount that the card is for, such as a day or a week. The other side would include what the card can be used for, such as hugs, kisses, a massage or a meal that is prepared by the children.
A picture collage is a gift idea that your mother will likely cherish for years. Make sure the collage is in a frame that is easy to add pictures in later so that she can change the images as children get older. Get a wooden frame, paint it her favorite color, and add sparkle or stickers to the frame for a hint of personality. Continue reading

Christmas is family


Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ the reason for the celebration that is sometimes forgotten by over commercialization. As we commemorate this special event, family is first on our list of people we want to be with, placing God at the center of our lives. Christmas won’t be merry in its true sense without our loved ones, no amount of material things can compete with the joy it brings.

Family can be friends as well who are always on your side even at your lowest point, specially if you are in a far place or thousand of miles from your blood family. The true essence of Christmas is sharing love and happiness, could be in form of gift-giving particularly to the kids and the needy, this doesn’t need to be expensive as the saying goes;  ‘it’s the thought that counts’ (and not the price tag, lol).

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday everyone, peace with us always!

All-in-one convenience Music recorder

Most of us love music and this is one of the things that relaxes our weary mind from the stress and pressure we got from working or problems that seem to have no solutions in sight. Before, we have to wait for radios to play our favorite songs, but with the help of technology like internet we can download and record the music we love anytime. To get a crisp and high quality sound, there is this Roland on sale CD-2u SD/CD Recorder.

sd-cd recorder

A recorder that is easier than ever to capture quality recordings and play and burn CDs anywhere! Record audio instantly with the built-in stereo mic, or connect your own external mics, electronic musical instruments, and other devices with professional results. Onboard are many training tools for lessons and practice, including CD and WAV audio playback, high-fidelity key and speed adjustment, improved Center Cancel, and the all-new Center Focus. Essentials such as a chromatic tuner and metronome are included as well. Ultra-compact and easy to use, the CD-2u is your perfect solution for playing, recording, and CD burning in a convenient mobile package.

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