Discovering things from the past

vintage micsvintage From time to time we like to remember things from the past, mesmerizing on the things we did or just being nostalgic of the events that happened in our life. We are also tend to be curious on the lifestyles of the people from different era that's why we flock to museums and other places just to discover stuff that aren't around us or being used anymore in this modern day like a classic microphone from the 30's or 60's that can be called antique today or visit different car shows of vintage cars. This maybe the reason why Throwback Thursday become a hit for netizens on social media  network.

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Work at home parents – 5 Tips to decorating your home office


Working from home can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re free of a tedious commute, pyjamas counts as office wear and the kids are always within sight. But anyone who’s seriously tried working from home knows how hard it can be to muster the discipline to really buckle down and do actual work.
You don’t want to work in a home office that looks as depressingly grey as a downtown office cubicle, yet it’s tough knowing just what can turn your workspace into one that inspires you to get going. For a long time, I struggled with creating a home office that enabled me to work without distractions but still enabled me to remain cheerful till the end of the day. Here’s what worked for me.

Paint the walls an energising colour

Sterile, grey cubicle walls do little to inspire. That’s why nobody likes trudging to the office on Monday morning. Painting one or more walls a bright, energising colour can help to wake you up when it’s time to start work, and stimulate your brain into thinking more creatively. Orange and yellow are great choices and can give you a boost of vigour when it’s time to sit down at your desk.

Ample storage
Just because minimalistic offices look cool doesn’t mean you should necessarily try to achieve the same look. If your job is one that involves massive amounts of paper work or you use a wide range of writing and drawing tools, it’s important to ensure that your home office is equipped with ample storage solutions. Wall shelves, multiple drawers and a desk with built-in shelving units can help you to keep things organised.

Pictures of the family
You work hard to support your family, so it makes sense that they should be a major source of motivation in your professional life. There’s no better way to remind yourself of this than by displaying pictures of your loved ones in your home office. Have pictures of your nearest and dearest printed on canvas and then mounted on the walls. This not only adds a pop of colour to your surroundings but also looks stunning. “It is one of the most popular uses for our canvas prints, pictures of family to hang in the office” - Tim from CanvasFactory
Include a few potted plants
When the sun is shining outside and you’re wishing you could take the kids to the zoo instead, bring a little of the outdoors into your office. A few well-placed potted plants can purify the air in your home office and also freshen up the appearance of the interior. Just don’t forget to water them regularly.
Create a mood board
If you do any sort of creative work, a mood board is an indispensable tool that absolutely needs to be on the wall of your home office. Whether you use it to pin up things that inspire you, meaningful quotes or simply pictures you like, a mood board can make an office instantly look more dynamic.
Home offices should never be boring. Decorate with reminders of things and people you love and you’ll find yourself motivated to work every day.

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The Changing Face of Workers Compensation


The idea of compensating workers for injuries that they have received on the job is something that has years of history behind it. Every society has come up with a compensation scheme that reflected the values that the society at that time had. Over the years, the legal framework behind workers compensation has changed to the model currently reflected in work comp Iowa laws.

In the United States, there was the case of Martin v. Wabash Railroad. This case established the idea of contributory negligence. The basic idea behind this principle is that if a person was in any way negligent in the accident that caused their injury, then the employer would not be held at fault. This was regardless of how dangerous the machinery was and regardless of any hazard the work environment posed. In the above-mentioned case, a freight contractor fell off of his train. He was denied compensation even though later inspection showed that the reason he fell was because of a loose handrail. The argument that was made for denying him compensation was that since checking the train for faulty equipment was part of his job description, it was his failure to adequately do his job that led to his injury.

Another legal concept that influenced workers compensation in times past was the idea of the “fellow servant” rule. In the United States, the case of Farnwell v. The Boston and Worchester Road Company established this precedent in the United States. The basic idea of the “fellow servant” rule was that employers could not be held responsible for an injury that was caused because of the negligence of a fellow employee.

A legal concept that played a large role in workers compensation during the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th century was the concept of “assumption of risk.” This basically meant that if an employee knew before hand that the job they were doing was risky and they accepted the job anyway, they also accepted the risk and the dangers that were inherent in the job. Employers were required to provide the minimal safety equipment, and outside of that, they had no further responsibility to their employees. In fact, employees were forced to sign contracts that were referred to as “workers right to die” contracts.

Thankfully, the laws regarding workers compensation has changed thanks to the efforts of legal teams and lawyers like those found at The Law Offices of James P Hoffman for example. Now, workers receive a level of protection that is without precedent in modern society.

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